11 MustHave Tools for Content Optimization

first_imgContent marketing is a widely recognized and effective strategy for driving traffic to websites and generating leads. That’s why so many online businesses invest tons of money into content production, and the amount of content that gets produced every day is staggering.While there’s no way to calculate the exact amount, we can get an idea by analyzing some stats. For example, Chris Heald, the Chief architect at Mashable, one of the most visited blogs in the world, answered a Quora question several years ago of how many articles the site produces every day with an astonishing answer:“The Mashable editorial staff produces around 100 articles/day.”Let me emphasize: that’s only one site… By the way, thanks to the persistent effort, they’ve reached two million readers in just 18 months.However, a persistent effort is not the only success ingredient here. Mashable’s content was successful also because it was properly optimized, e.g. it met Google’s requirements in terms of quality, readability, and consistency. The search giant has made it very clear that high-quality, optimized content is the must to entice webmasters to link to a site as well as attract many visitors.Since Google constantly updates the policies on content optimization, content producers have to follow the recommendations and adjust their websites and content accordingly. Clearly, this is a lot of work, but, fortunately, this is something that technology can help with.In this article, I’m going to list ten content optimization tools that every content producer and marketer have to know about to be able to maximize the chance of ranking high in Google’s search results.Read More: Eye Rolls at Pre-Rolls: How to Escape the Trap of Annoying AdsReally Quick: What is Content Optimization?“The term “Content Optimization” covers a range of techniques and strategies that seek to make content more actionable, helpful, and attractive to Google and other search engines,” explains Adam Byron, a content marketing specialist from Resumes Centre. “So, despite a popular opinion that content optimization targets readers/viewers, we need to optimize content for search engines to make it easy for them to find and rank it.”After all, if Google doesn’t find it, people won’t be able to find it, either.So what you should actually optimize to maximize the reach of your content? There’s plenty of factors here, so let’s move on to the tools that you can use to optimize them all in the right way.Text OptimizerDo you want to know how Google perceives your text? If the answer is “no,” then Text Optimizer is the tool to use. Input the URL of your website and get access to the following data:To search engines, your text is probably about… This section lists the keywords that play the most important role in defining how Google perceives the essence of your copyWho is your text for? This is where the tool lists targeted readers and their principal goalsFormat of your text. In this section, you can get insights into the richness of the text, the use of verbs, the number of sentences, their length, and get an overall formatting scoreMissing words. The tool generates a list of keywords that it thinks you should add to improve its ability to rank.For example, here’s a part of the report generated by Text Optimizer.Thanks to the tool, you can get evidence-based information on how to expand your text, what keywords to use, and how to create more in-depth content, which Google loves.SEMRushIf you need a reliable tool to research keywords and explore strategies of competitors, I suggest you use this one. Just type your domain and you’ll get tons of helpful data related to SEO (also I suggest you register to expand the number of free requests to ten, it’s quick and certainly worth it).After you press “Start Now,” you’ll arrive at the dashboard packed with data (basically there are seven tabs to choose from: Overview, Organic Search, Backlinks, Advertising Research, PLA Research, Display Advertising, and Traffic Analysis). Here’s what you’ll find in the Overview section:Organic search dataPaid search dataTop BacklinksDisplay advertisingOrganic keywordsOrganic position distributionMain organic competitorsCompetitive positioning mapTop anchorsMany more.Read More: 3 Ways Mobile Technology is Changing the Brick-and-Mortar ExperienceOn top of that, you can also get access to useful keyword analytics; besides the general keyword analysis, check out SEMrush Magic Tool, too. It’s free to use and can generate the following useful insights: related long-tail keywords, volume, trends, results in SERP, and more.For example, here’s the report on a keyword phrase “how to make espresso.”So if you need to do some serious keyword research to optimize your content, this is the tool to use. Remember that you can get 10 free requests per day, which is great if you’re on a budget for marketing research.PageSpeed InsightsThis one from Google is an absolute must-have because it evaluates the content on your page and makes suggestions on how to optimize it to make it load faster. Since 53 percent of mobile site users leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load, optimizing for speed is simply essential.Yes, it seems that an easy way to increase your website’s ability to convert and load faster has nothing to do with colorful CTAs or fancy keywords.Entering the location of your website and hitting the “Analyze” button will trigger the generation of a personalized report on factors that slow down your pages, along with the recommendations on how to address them properly. Read those recommendations carefully and review them to understand how to apply them.Also, you’ll get the PageSpeed score. It ranges from 0 to 100 points. “If the score is higher than 85, it means that a website is well-optimized,” says Kristin Lott, an SEO specialist at Essaysupply.com and Resumes Expert. “On the other hand, a score lower than that requires you to do some optimization work.”Don’t forget that you can also test your website for mobile-friendliness here, too. Since Google’s algorithms prioritize responsive websites, this factor is critical for proper SEO.General Writing ToolsIn this section, let’s review some of the tools that you can use to optimize your written content to ensure high readability, proper style, and lack of embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes.Plagiarism Checker from SeoToolStation. Plagiarism is an unacceptable practice that won’t be tolerated by both Google and your readers. Use an URL address or just paste the text you would like to check in the tool to get a report on the originality.Canada Writers. According to Google’s John Muller, terrible English will cause visitors to lose trust in a website, which is something to be avoided. Canada Writers is a review website that can help you to check your grammar and get personalized assistance on content creation to ensure the highest quality of your texts.Hemingway Editor. Internet users prefer articles that are easy to read and understand to get the most useful information as fast as possible. That’s exactly what Hemingway Editor can help you with, as it checks your text for complicated sentences, passive voice overuse, and makes style suggestions.Get Good Grade. If you need a personalized report on your written content from a professional SEO writer, then check out this tool. They do academic, marketing, and common writing reports as well as keyword analysis to help get to the top of search engine results.Keyword Density Checker. Gone are the days when you could stuff your texts with a lot of keywords and get ranked. To make sure that the keyword density of your written content is appropriate, give this free tool a try. Just paste a text or provide a URL and get a report within seconds.com. When you’re ready to edit your content or improve it by adding more, use this tool to get professional assistance. Get such useful information as overused words, complex sentences, plagiarism, inappropriate word choice, style inconsistency and so on.Title tag Optimizer. Title tags are important because they tell Google users what the page is all about. They appear as a link text in search results as well as at the top of the browser when the page is viewed; this tool can you with optimizing title tags (and meta descriptions, too!) in terms of length, keywords, and reader value.Portent’s Content Idea Generator. This one is a cakewalk to use and can help to write keyword-optimized blog topics. Just insert a keyword or keyword combinations, and the tool generates numerous options for topics as well as their explanations to inspire you to make them even better. The tool also generates basic headline writing tips, which is also helpful.Over to YouSeems like the content competition is not going anywhere anytime soon, so optimization is something that should be on the content producers’ and marketers’ priority list. This process is much more pleasurable and effective when you use tools like the ones I described here, so hopefully, you’ll give at least some of them a try to make your content more Google-friendly as well as more valuable to the readers.Read More: How AI will Change the Game for Influencer Marketing 11 Must-Have Tools for Content Optimization Natalie AndersenMay 6, 2019, 6:27 pmMay 6, 2019 Content OptimizationgooglePageSpeed InsightsSEMrushText Optimizer Previous ArticleOpen Source SuiteCRM by SalesAgility Takes Aim at Salesforce With New Cloud Hosting ServiceNext ArticleDemandbase ABM Ecosystem Launches to Connect Technology, Software and Data Providers for Better ABM Executionlast_img read more

23 of Global Domains Targeted by CyberAttacks Says MarkMonitor

first_img brand infringementBrand ProtectionChrissie JamiesonMarketing TechnologyMarkMonitorNews Previous ArticleMobile Service Providers Preparing to Fortify Security in Anticipation of 5G Deployments, According to New SurveyNext ArticleNew Research Reveals More Than Half of Marketers Are Not Delivering the Right Content 23% of Global Domains Targeted by Cyber-Attacks, Says MarkMonitor PRNewswireMay 8, 2019, 6:25 pmMay 8, 2019 Brands Taking Siloed Approach to Domain Security and ManagementAlmost one-quarter of brands have had their domain targeted by cyber criminals. This is according to the latest global research report released by MarkMonitor, a world leader in enterprize brand protection. The report also highlighted that 62% of brands reported that cybercrime impacted their business in the last year.Almost half of the sample believes brand infringement has increased over the last year, while 46% said that cyber threats influenced the development of their domain strategies. The report also highlighted that responsibility for domain management and security is siloed, with the following departments being responsible for domain management: IT / IT security – 46%Legal team – 16%Marketing – 13%Only 13% of brands noted a combined approach – the industry best practice in mitigating risk.Research surveyed 700 marketing, IT and legal decision makers from across the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy to understand attitudes toward and experiences with domain management, security, and wider online brand protection.Marketing Technology News: Streaming TV Viewership up 72% Yoy, Advertisers Shocked at 47% Fail Rate“Domains form the core of organization and brand identity, and it’s never been more important to protect them,” says Chrissie Jamieson, VP of marketing, MarkMonitor. “But there’s more to keeping a brand safe online than just looking after domains. It’s about having a wider, holistic brand protection strategy in place that addresses domains, fraud and other forms of infringement, and involves a number of departments within the business. The landscape has become increasingly complex as cyber threats evolve.”The most-cited challenges in managing domains include:Security – 56%Cost – 40%Keeping track of domains – 34%These issues are intensified by the fact not all domains are even active — 56% of respondents own up to 100 domains, yet just 18% say more than three-quarters of these are active.In addition, despite the wide acknowledgement of the importance of domains — 43% said they were a vital part of brand building and maintaining customer trust — many organizations aren’t being proactive in managing and securing them. This is especially true around the renewal process, with 26% of brands relying solely on renewal notices, 21% relying on just one person to manage the process, while 25% have a plan that involves cross-department collaboration.Marketing Technology News: Introducing Pardot Business Units: Powering Personalized Enterprise B2B Marketing at Scale“Political and legislative issues have also had an impact on domain management and security, all of which need to be considered as part of the organization’s online brand protection programme so that they can effectively mitigate risk, and leverage the benefits of the Internet, while securing critical assets,” says Jamieson.The research also revealed 39% of brands have registered a generic top-level domain (gTLD) and 32% of that number experienced brand impersonation and abuse against it. In addition, 39% of brands say Brexit has impacted their domain strategy, while General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also played a role. Nearly half of respondents (46%) said GDPR affected their domain strategy, with 18% saying they found it more difficult to enforce against infringements as a result.Research was commissioned by MarkMonitor and conducted by independent survey company Vitreous World. A sample of 700 marketing, legal and IT decision makers from five countries were surveyed, including the UK, US, France, Germany and Italy. Interviews were conducted online in April 2019.Marketing Technology News: China’s Most Valuable Brands Grow a Record 30% to $889.7 Billion in 2019 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands Ranking – With Alibaba the New Number Onelast_img read more

Oracle Data Cloud and Reddit Collaborate to Build Brand Safety Solution for

first_imgFirst-of-its-kind Integration Will Use Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence to Help Advertisers Avoid Unsafe User-Generated ContentOracle Data Cloud announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Reddit to provide new brand safety controls for advertisers around a real-time feed of user-generated content (UGC). Leveraging Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence technology, the integration will provide real-time content review and classification across industry-standard brand safety categories, giving advertisers greater control over where, and around what content, their campaigns run.“Given the tremendous volume and dynamic nature of content across the Reddit platform, Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence will offer the ideal solution to provide real-time brand safety for Reddit advertisers,” said Kurt Kratchman, Group Vice President for Product Development and International, Oracle Data Cloud. “With Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence deployed across the majority of the addressable footprint of the open web, our collaboration with Reddit serves as a natural extension into the UGC space, as we help advertisers ensure their advertising strengthens their brands.”Marketing Technology News: Study: Consumers Reject Brands That Advertise on ‘Fake News’ and Objectionable Content OnlineUser-generated content has historically presented a challenge for brand safety services, as many third-party solutions do not accurately describe or categorize the scope and scale of dynamic content online. Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence integration with Reddit is a solution designed for UGC that looks not only for specific terms but also for the context in which they are used, to help advertisers place their ads in safe and brand-appropriate contexts on the Reddit platform.Marketing Technology News: Triton Digital Integrates Centro’s Basis Platform with the a2x Programmatic Marketplace“Among Reddit’s strongest propositions for advertisers is the depth and authenticity of conversations across thousands of interest-based communities,” said Jen Wong, Reddit’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our current approach to brand safety includes effective moderation at the platform, community and campaign levels, and we’re thrilled to leverage Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence to offer yet another layer of brand safety that’s 3rd-party verified and customized for Reddit’s engagement. Our work with Oracle will be the first time a UGC platform has embarked on a verified brand safety solution for custom feeds, and we’re excited to evolve the product and relationship to meet the demands of the market.”Marketing Technology News: Mindtree to Showcase Contextual, Real-Time Solutions for Personalized Traveler Experiences at HITEC Minneapolis Oracle Data Cloud and Reddit Collaborate to Build Brand Safety Solution for Dynamic User-Generated Content PRNewswireJune 18, 2019, 6:01 pmJune 18, 2019 Jen WongNewsOracle Data CloudRedditUser-Generated Content Previous ArticleAdobe Experience Platform Taps AI-Triggered Analytics to Boost Real-Time CXMNext ArticleFive Reasons You Should Consider Video Marketing for Your Brandlast_img read more

Chorusai Expands Robust Ecosystem of Sales Technology

first_imgConversation Intelligence Platform Announces Integrations with Hubspot, Amazon Connect, Shoretel Web DialerChorus.ai, the leading Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams, announced key integrations with HubSpot, Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer.Conversation Intelligence Platform @chorus_ai expands robust ecosystem of sales technology with new integrationsSales leaders use Chorus.ai’s technology to uncover what’s happening in the deal, understand pivotal moments in the exchange and leverage data to increase team performance. When only five percent of information on customer-facing calls ever make it into the CRM, according to Chorus research, the platform’s extensive integrations deliver a seamless transition of critical insights from all sales interactions.“It would have been impossible to facilitate the growth we’ve experienced on HubSpot CRM if it wasn’t for Chorus.ai.,” said Dailius Wilson, VP Sales & Growth Marketing at GetAccept. “Their integration allows us to seamlessly sync account data with relevant recordings to enable coaching and improvement. With the power to identify calls which led to either key win or key loss moments through this connection, combining Chorus and HubSpot has turned us into winning sellers.”Marketing Technology News: Smart Communications Announces Acquisition of IntelledoxAccording to the Global CRM Software Market Report, the CRM industry is currently experiencing rapid growth, with market size estimated to reach $35 billion by 2023. HubSpot is the number one ranked CRM according to G2, and was head of the leader’s quadrant based on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM’s.Now, any HubSpot CRM user can:Analyze their conversations in the backdrop of deal data, which can be seen in every recording Chorus.ai Expands Robust Ecosystem of Sales Technology Business Wire4 days agoJuly 19, 2019 Run a more effective one-on-one with sales reps and review the top deals Analyze sales forecasts more effectively through the Chorus Deal ViewChorus.ai also provides new integrations with Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer, increasing its total to more than 30 integrations with outbound dialers and video conferencing solutions. Any calls made using Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer can now be recorded, transcribed, and analyzed using Chorus’s proprietary, AI-based platform. This helps outbound teams understand what works or doesn’t in their cold calling sequences, scripts, talk tracks, and qualification questions. It also helps them understand the prospect better and speak in the voice of the customer.Marketing Technology News: Peach Launches New Product to ClientsAccording to Chorus’s rising number of G2 customer reviews, the platform’s ability to integrate with an organization’s chosen CRM allows professionals to focus on the important part of selling: the prospect. By offering a robust ecosystem of sales technology, Chorus.ai is finding new ways to offer what customers want—meeting them in the solutions they are already using.“Marrying CRM data with insights from the Chorus platform creates a more powerful selling experience,” said Dominik Facher, vice president of product at Chorus.ai. “Given the market momentum of HubSpot’s CRM, we’re excited to include this best-of-breed technology in the ecosystem of integrations we offer our customers.”This announcement comes on the heels of Chorus.ai’s announcement regarding its positioning as the number one Sales Coaching Momentum Leader in G2’s Summer 2019 Momentum Grid®.Marketing Technology News: 84.51° Announces Launch of STRATUM, A New Insights Product Delivering Science-Powered Data to Drive Results Chorus.aicrmhubspotMarketing Technology NewsNewsSales Technology Previous ArticlePop Art Announces the Launch of BAM! – the Sales Enablement PlatformNext ArticleFirefly Recruits Former Google and Clear Channel Execs to Spearhead Measurement and Analytics for Fastest-Growing Media Platform in USlast_img read more

2019 Mini Countryman S E All4 Review Bouncy FuntoDrive PlugIn Hybrid

first_img You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents Sun Baby From ‘Teletubbies’ Is 22 Now & Unrecognizably Gorgeous This Happens in Every ‘Star Wars’ Movie and You Never Noticed Mini now has a plug-in hybrid version in its largest model, the Countryman. Like every Mini, the plug-in is a blast to drive, with iconic big round instrument clusters and toggle switches. But, oh, the compromises: The little battery adds only 12 miles of electric-only range. The gas-plus-electric range is about 270 miles. The suspension is stiff, the wheelbase is short, and the ride can be choppy. The car weighs pocket change less than two tons. Our test car cost more than $45,000 and the cheapest plug-in hybrid Countrymen is in the upper thirties. The base prices don’t include much in the way of driver safety assists and no amount of money will get you blind spot detection.Mini’s strongest competition comes from the dealership next door with the blue-and-white propeller logo. BMW sells the Mini, more or less, as the BMW X1. They look a lot different, but they’re built around the same corporate-common front-wheel-drive chassis.  The biggest Mini, the Countryman, is 170 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 61 inches high. For comparison, the next biggest is the Clubman at 168 x 71 x 57. The base Mini Cooper is 151 (157 as a 4-door) x 68 x 56. The BMW X1 that is sort of the same under the skin is 175 x 72 x 63.<><>1234567891011 How It Works, How It DrivesThe PHEV Mini S E — lots of stories have it as the Mini SE without the space — uses a 134-hp, three-cylinder turbocharged engine (turbocharged, because otherwise, you’ve got a nice riding mower engine) to drive the front wheels through a six-speed automatic. An 87-hp electric motor running off a 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery powers the rears. Combined, they output 221 hp and 284 pound-feet of torque. The EPA rates the car at 27 mpg city, 28 mpg highway, 27 mpg combined running on gasoline, and 65 MPGe. But if you’re going to get 65 MPGe, you’ll need to plug the car in every night, and there may be times — human nature and all — you may say, maybe not tonight, I’m only going to pick up 12 miles of range. But with just a 9.5-gallon tank, you’re at a range of around 230 miles on gasoline alone, allowing for 8.5 gallons of usable fuel capacity.Trouble is, you’ll want a full load of electrons on board every morning so you can also use the motor, at will, as a second turbocharger. Electric motors provide maximum torque at 0 rpm, where gas engines are weakest. Having e-power in the back is a neat way to get all-wheel-drive without running a driveshaft and differential to the rear axle. Toyota hybrids have done it for years.When you jab the throttle, the car scoots its 3,950 pounds to 60 mph in 6 to 7 seconds, depending on who’s holding the stopwatch and who’s tromping the throttle. That’s nice. The motor provides quick stoplight getaways. It is quick around back country roads. Where this Mini falls down is on the average American road. A wheelbase of just 105 inches yields a choppy ride on all but the smoothest surfaces. To inject politics for a moment: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike want better infrastructure, but they can’t stop bickering over which piggy bank to raid to pay for the work.Passenger room in front is good, and the room in the back is passable. Minis are short on cupholder and storage space.Adding a battery and electric motor (to drive the rear wheels) had virtually no effect on passenger or cargo space. It did knock the fuel tank (under the back seat) down to 9.5 gallons.Countryman S E All4’s Place in the Mini EcosystemThe original Mini: 10 feet long, less than 2,000 pounds.From a distance, Minis look about the same: small and hatchback-looking. Most have sporty versions (Cooper S) and seriously sporty versions (John Cooper Works). You can see the family resemblance going back to the late 1950s and the original Mini Cooper designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. That first Mini circa 1959 was truly Mini, measuring just 120 inches long. (The smallest car in the US today is the two-seater Smart Fortwo, 106 inches long.) The basic Mini Cooper sold now is 151 inches long (two-door) or 157 inches long (four-door). The Countryman tested here is 170 inches long, 72 inches wide, 61 inches high. In between, the Mini Clubman is 168 x 71 x 57. The Coupe and Roadster Minis were discontinued after 2015 because they were too close to the Mini Cooper hardtop and convertible. There was also the three-door variant of the Countryman called the Paceman; it died after 2016.The base Mini Classic Country S E All 4 is $37,800 (including $850 shipping) and that has a panoramic sunroof, sport seats, and 6.5-inch center stack display. The Signature ($40,250) has touchscreen infotainment, heated seats, keyless entry, dual zone HVAC, and forward collision warning/emergency braking. The Iconic ($45,250) brings navigation, Apple CarPlay, and LED headlamps/taillamps. Driver safety assists cost extra: $850 for adaptive cruise control, front/rear parking sonar, and parking assistant.The Countryman S E All4 exists to improve Mini’s desirability among environmentally motivated buyers, such as 12 miles on battery power motivates them, as well as buyers who want a tax credit ($4,100) or preferred parking status in some garages and office complexes where the chargers are near the main elevator or employee entrance. But the car also provides more power than the non-PHEV Minis and costs less than the all-out John Cooper Works performance.It lacks an adaptive damping system, meaning shocks that adjust to the road conditions. The lack of an adaptive suspension could be a turnoff for spouses and partners who admire how your Mini looks, but have learned from harsh experience not to apply cosmetics while the car is moving. Lipstick plus Mini plus potholes equals war paint.The first all-electric Mini arrives this fall. (Excluding the 500 prototype Mini E’s of 2009.)Should You Buy?Mini is the premium small car in the US. The Mercedes-owned Smart is cute in Europe but doesn’t sell here; by the time you add all the airbags and such, you’re paying the same as for a Hyundai or Toyota with space for four, which most Americans value more than the fact that you can almost park two Smart cars sideways in a parallel parking space. The Honda Fit is a fabulous small car, sized between the basic Cooper and the Countryman / Clubman.What sells Minis is their uniqueness, their sportiness (real and not imagined sportiness), and the immense variety of options (most Minis are factory-order, not sold off the lot). Reliability is around average now; Consumer Reports ranks Mini 15 of 28 brands in its 2019 Car Brand Reliability Rankings. The competition is other premium compact SUVs, most of which have higher sight-lines and more cargo capacity.If you’re interested in the Countryman S E All4, make sure you take an extended test drive and take along any family member who can make your life miserable if you were to ignore his or her opinions. If you can wangle the car for the weekend, better still.You will probably find: 1. Cute car. 2. Handles well. 3. 12 miles on battery isn’t a lot. 4. Stiff ride. 5. Driver safety assists some competitors make standard will set you back more almost $1,000. 6. Blind spot detection isn’t available. 7. Adequate cargo space for two for the weekend (but there is the roof rack). Mini is an intriguing brand and it carries the aura of a high-status car, regardless of it not costing $50K (although some models do get there).You may find it hard to understand the reason for such a modest EV-only range even though you know the electric motor serves to boost the car’s performance all the time. Also, if you’re looking at Minis broadly, not just the PHEV, you may find the turbo-three motor (other than in PHEV model reviewed here) isn’t enough, so look to the turbo-four models.If you want all-electric, hold tight. The pure-electric Mini S E will debut this summer and (but) it focuses on sporty performance, not max range. A demo car Mini showed to the media had a 33-kWh battery and a range of around 110 miles with a weight 265 pounds more than the gas-engine Mini Cooper hardtop. First customer shipments are expected in November.Now read:Mini’s Urban-X Accelerator Imagines the Brooklyn You’ve Always Dreamed OfFord Drops $500M on Rivian, Gets Head Start on EV Pickups, SUVsNew eTrucks Reduce Air Pollution at the Cost of More Visual Pollution<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>  2019 Mini Countryman S E All4 Review: Bouncy, Fun-to-Drive Plug-In Hybrid Here’s What the Cast of the Matrix Trilogy Looks Like Today Little Jenny From ‘Forrest Gump’ Is 34 Now and Gorgeous Tagged In carsautomobilesautoscar reviewsBEVselectric carsPHEVs2019 carsplug-insauto reviewsMiniMini CooperMini CountrymanMini Countryman S E All4Mini reviewsplug-in hybrds Post a Comment 1 Comment Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. 1 Comment Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 and Unrecognizably Gorgeous New TV Shows That Will Absolutely Get Canceled in 2019 By Bill Howard on May 28, 2019 at 7:08 am 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beardlast_img read more

Amazon Prime Day After Hours Sale Samsung Galaxy 10e 59999 Apple AirPods

first_img Extremetech may earn affiliate commissions from the shopping links included on this page. To find out more, read our complete terms of use. You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Amazon Prime Day After Hours Sale: Samsung Galaxy 10e $599.99, Apple AirPods w/ Wireless Charging Case $169.99, GTX 1080 Gaming Desktop $899 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The Main Thing the ‘Thor 4’ Director Wants to Make Crystal Clear Prime Day is officially over, but it seems someone forgot to tell that to Amazon, Dell, and Walmart. There are still tons of excellent deals available with huge discounts, but for how much longer no one can say. If you missed out on buying anything during the shopping event, here’s a list of deals that you can still take advantage of.Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked w/ 128GB Storage ($599.99) During Amazon’s Prime Day sale you can get one of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 smartphones with 128GB of storage marked down from $899.99 to $599.99. This phone is one of the fastest smartphones available on the market today with a high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC and 8GB of RAM. It also features a relatively high-quality camera and it comes fully unlocked.Apple AirPods w/Wireless Charging Case ($169.99)This set of Apple’s AirPods comes with a wireless charging case. Simply set the earbuds into the case whenever you are finished using them and they will automatically start charging. They also have support for Siri to quickly access your iPhone, and they can last for over 24 hours while listening to music. Amazon is offering these AirPods currently marked down from $199.00 to $169.99.Overpowered DTW2 Intel Core i7-8700 Gaming Desktop w/ Nvidia GTX 1080, 512GB SSD, 2TB HD, 32GB RAM ($899.00)Overpowered’s DTW2 desktop comes loaded with high-performance components at an unbelievable price. At its heart rests an Intel Core i7-8700 and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. Best of all, this system is marked down from $1,899.00 to $899.00 at Walmart. Discounted as much as it is, it would be impossible to build a system to match it without paying more. The system appears to have some cooling issues, however, so you should probably plan to buy a few extra case fans or switch the hardware to a different case entirely if you buy it.Featured DealsAmazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker for $24.99 at Amazon (list price $49.99).Apple iPad 32GB 9.7″ Retina WiFi Tablet (2018 Model) for $249 at Walmart (list price $329).Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for $169.99 at Amazon (list price $199).Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS Smartwatch for $359.99 at Amazon (Select “Free No-Rush Shipping” at checkout – list price $429).Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB 5.8″ Unlocked Smartphone for $549.99 at Amazon (list price $749.99).Google Pixel 3 XL 128GB 6.3″ Unlocked Smartphone for $779.99 at Amazon (list price $999).ASUS ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 6-Core 15.6″ 1080p 120Hz Laptop with GTX 1660Ti, 512GB SSD for $899 at Walmart (list price $1299.99).Dell Vostro 15 5000 Intel Core i5-8265U Quad-core 15.6″ 1080p Win10 Pro Laptop with 256GB SSD for $559 at Dell (list price $1127.14).Dell XPS 8930 Intel Core i7-8700 6-core Tower Desktop with 16GB RAM for $699.99 at Dell (use code: AFF300XPS – list price $999.99).Dell Inspiron 5676 AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8-core Gaming Desktop with Radeon RX 580, 16GB RAM for $699.99 at Dell (list price $1199.99).Prime Exclusive: Free 3 Months Kindle Unlimited at Amazon (list price $29.97).Prime Exclusive: 66% off 3 Months Audible Membership for $14.85 at Amazon (list price $44.85).50% off 1 Year of IPVanish VPN for $39 at IPVanish (list price $77.99).Check out more deals from TechBargains. 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Natalie Portman Reacts to Being the Next ‘Thor’ Square Enix President Discusses ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake 1 Comment By Michael Sexton on July 17, 2019 at 3:33 pm The Sad Truth About This ‘Rehab Addict’ Star New Details Confirmed About Natalie Portman As Mighty Thor ‘Black Widow’ Set Photos Reveal The Main Villain Actors Who Could Barely Stomach Kissing Each Other on Screen Wesley Snipes Fans Have Something to Say About ‘Blade’ Reboot Tagged In et deals Post a Comment 1 Commentlast_img read more

5G Modems and Phones Literally Cant Handle the Heat of Summer Weather

first_img5G Modems and Phones Literally Can’t Handle the Heat of Summer Weather The Most Offensive Video Game Characters of All Time 25 Comments We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared 5G signals that rely on so-called ‘millimeter wave’ technology don’t propagate well through walls, windows, people, or water, including water vapor in the atmosphere. This has been known since before 5G launched. It’s a limiting factor for where the technology can be deployed. But now, new reports show that 5G has an even more implacable foe: summer.According to reports from both The Wall Street Journal and PCMag, the current bare handful of 5G devices available to consumers literally wilt and die if you attempt to use them in hot weather. PCMag’s Sascha Segan writes:On a hot Las Vegas morning, my two Galaxy S10 5G phones kept overheating and dropping to 4G. This behavior is happening with all of the millimeter-wave, first-generation, Qualcomm X50-based phones when temperatures hit or exceed 85 degrees. We saw it with T-Mobile in New York, with Verizon in Providence, and now with AT&T in Las Vegas. It’s happened on Samsung and LG phones, with Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia network hardware.The WSJ is even more stark. Joanna Stern writes:The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G isn’t reliable in the summer—unless, well, you summer in Iceland.When I ran tests, the phone’s 5G often switched off due to overheating, leaving me with a 4G connection. Cellular carriers demo-ing or testing the phone have taken to cooling the devices with ice packs and air conditioners.Here, for reference, is a map of US temperatures today.Map by the Washington Post.The situation is awe-inspiring. We already knew that millimeter-wave 5G came with a laundry list of conditions and must-haves to ensure good performance, but I admit, it never occurred to me that the companies that drew up and developed the standard would deploy it in products that can’t deal with the reality of sunlight. Admittedly, that’s because I thought deploying a network technology that degrades when there’s a lot of water vapor in the air was a bad enough idea that obviously there couldn’t be anything worse waiting in the wings, right?Right?Wrong.PCMag goes on to say: “AT&T being AT&T, the company leaves the ‘5G+’ indicator on the phone even when it’s dropped to 4G from overheating.”This is both the most enraging and the least surprising thing ever.Samsung’s response to this problem, according to the WSJ? “As 5G technology and the ecosystem evolve, it’s only going to get better.”Yeah. So let’s talk about that. First of all, one device that probably isn’t going to “get better” is the Samsung Galaxy 10 5G. Later products with different modems could be better, but the hardware in a first-generation phone is going to be what it’s going to be, and the chances of a firmware update that miraculously improves things is limited. If AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, LG, and the other companies making these products had such an update in their back pocket, it’d be splashed as news all over these stories in the first place. The message would be something like: “Current 5G devices overheat easily, but carriers and manufacturers promise that fixes are coming.”There has been no such messaging.Stern appears to have tested her 5G speeds by downloading files from Netflix, which is a pretty reasonable way to do it. Her download time on 5G for an episode of Stranger Things S3 was listed ~34 seconds. Keep that in mind as you read this:In Atlanta, where it was 90 degrees the day I visited, I could run only one or two 5G download tests before the phone would overheat and switch to 4G. When that happened, I’d head back to the car and hold the phone to the air vent. In Chicago, another day in the 90s, I had to wait until the sun went down to finish my Netflix download tests. In New York on an 83-degree day, I went with the ice-cooler trick: A minute or two in the cooler, and 5G switches back on.The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, a $1,300 device, is capable of running a max-speed connection for less than a minute (somewhere between 33 and 66 seconds) when temperatures break 85F.One expects spotty connections and lower overall performance from first-generation networks and products. One does not expect the product to catastrophically fail when encountering the reality of outside ambient temperature., particularly when the only way to get good 5G performance is to stand so close to the antenna people think you’re dating.Will This Improve?To an extent, yes. There’s probably additional tuning that can be done to improve modem power consumption, but Qualcomm has told us for years that die shrinks provide only limited power consumption improvement for modems. Samsung, Apple, and other companies can perform advanced thermal analysis to see exactly where hot spots pop up and devise strategies to mitigate them, ranging from better internal cooling solutions to thicker chassis or better thermal interface materials. It’s unlikely we’ve reached the point where people start sticking fans in smartphones on the regular, but even a very small fan would likely fix this problem (at the cost of thickness, a bit of noise, and a little power).In the past, we’ve seen discussions of using wax to quickly move heat in an enclosed area. Clearly, a bunch of designers have had ideas before about how one might deal with this issue. Beam-forming and other carrier technologies could also wind up reducing the amount of power that 5G signals require, thereby reducing device power draw.But make no mistake. 5G signaling is going to require more power, and in today’s downright anorexic devices, that’s obviously already creating thermal problems. At the very least, this is one more limit on a 5G rollout that didn’t need more limits.We’ve said before that 5G is very early and that people probably shouldn’t buy into it, but this issue seals the deal for me. I would never recommend that anyone buy a product whose premiere feature is likely to be unavailable when outside in the summer. Right now, if you buy a currently available 5G phone, you’re buying a device whose top speed may only be available from October through May depending on where you live.Faux G indeed.Now Read:PCMag’s Fastest Mobile Networks 2019Meteorologists Worry 5G Could Interfere with Weather SatellitesHow Shipping a Huawei Phone Via FedEx Made International News ‘Abominable’ Is Going To Be A Beautiful Tear-Jerker Canceled Marvel Movies We’ll Never Get to See Maisie Williams’ Transformation is Turning Heads You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Cartoon Episodes So Controversial They Were Banned Tagged In mobilelteAT&Tverizon4gt-mobile5gSprintcellular5G EFaux Gmobile networkcell networkPC Mag Post a Comment 25 Comments Paul Rudd to Join the Cast of Jason Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. By Joel Hruska on July 19, 2019 at 8:50 am Proof Henry Cavill Isn’t a Very Good Dude at Alllast_img read more

New Solar Panels Use Waste Heat to Purify Water

first_img Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. By Ryan Whitwam on July 11, 2019 at 8:40 am Tagged In scienceengineeringsolar powerwaterwater purification Post a Comment 14 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Wesley Snipes Fans Have Something to Say About ‘Blade’ Reboot We Finally Know Why This Kid Returned in ‘Endgame’ Actors Who Could Barely Stomach Kissing Each Other on Screen We Now Understand How Curt Schilling Blew His Entire Fortune New Solar Panels Use Waste Heat to Purify Water Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents Solar panels can bring electricity to remote areas, and photovoltaic technology has improved in recent years. However, many of these regions also have limited access to clean water. A new type of solar power setup developed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia could address both of those issues. These panels leverage waste heat from solar panels to distill and purify water. The researchers used salt water to test the technology, but it should work equally well on fresh water that simply isn’t fit for human consumption. The solar panels sit on top of a multi-layer box where they can absorb sunlight and generate power. Below that is a three-stage distillation unit. There’s nothing particularly special about the solar panels used in the system. About 10 percent of the sunlight hitting the photovoltaic cells goes toward generating power. While much higher efficiencies have been demonstrated in the lab, most commercial cells are only a little more efficient. However, those panels aren’t also generating water. As the panels pull in solar radiation to make power, some of the energy radiates out as waste heat. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology design directs that heat down into the first layer of water purification. It heats seawater, causing it to evaporate and re-condense as clean, fresh water. The heat generated by the first layer passes through a membrane into the second distillation layer where it purifies more water, and it’s the same for the third (bottom) layer. It’s essentially a very fancy stacked solar still — the researchers note the solar panel design purified three times as much water as a solar still, and you get electricity, too. According to the team, water passed through the device comes out safe for drinking by all measurable standards. The levels of lead, copper, sodium, calcium, and magnesium after filtration are all below the thresholds set by the World Health Organization. You might be able to deploy a more efficient solar power farm and water purification rig as separate systems, but the system developed by these researchers could be a major breakthrough because it can do both at the same time. The team sees this as an ideal solution for remote areas where people have limited power and ample access to undrinkable water. With more efficient solar panels, they say, this system could eventually generate 10 percent of the world’s fresh water.Now read:RoboFly Is the First Wireless Insectoid Robot to Take FlightMIT’s ‘Sun in a Box’ Could Solve Our Energy Storage WoesSaudi Arabia, SoftBank Plan the World’s Largest Solar Project Things Only Adults Notice in ‘ThunderCats’ ‘Black Widow’ Set Photos Reveal The Main Villain Wesley Snipes Breaks Silence On Marvel’s Huge ‘Blade’ Decision 14 Commentslast_img read more

The Inseparable State of Social Media and Shopping

first_img“The relationship between social media and shopping is rapidly evolving, and brands and retailers are exploring ways to take full advantage.”Far from the days when it was a channel to simply connect and mingle with friends, social media has now become intrinsically tied to marketing and sales strategies. From awareness to conversion, social media plays a key role throughout the entire shopping journey. The relationship between social media and shopping is rapidly evolving, and brands and retailers are exploring ways to take full advantage. In just the last year, platform innovation and changing consumer preferences have impacted brands’ social strategy.Recommended: Learn About Social Media TrendsFrom pushback against influencer marketing to social media in-store, here are three examples that demonstrate the current state of social media and shopping.Everyone is an influencerThere’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you’ve been at least touched, if not influenced, by someone on social media. This type of marketing has seen a rapid increase in popularity and impact; in our recent survey of 4,000 consumers, an overwhelming majority (92%) said they interact with influencers on social media. That being said, there has been a recent shift in perception around influencer marketing. The Federal Trade Commission has put regulations in place to require disclosure of paid and/or sponsored content in an effort to make this strategy more transparent to consumers.Even with these rules in place, consumers are increasingly finding the practice to be untrustworthy and inauthentic. Of those same consumers surveyed, 62% said they believe influencer content takes advantage of impressionable audiences. Another 55% said influencer content was too materialistic, while 54% said such content misrepresents real life. There has been a backlash against what consumers perceive to be inauthentic, pay-to-play content; companies that use influencer marketing should look closely at how they choose and work with influencers and consider how best to authentically integrate their products and messaging into these individuals’ social content to ensure audiences don’t feel slighted by the promotion.To combat the perceived inauthenticity of influencer marketing, brands and retailers are also incorporating photos and videos from customers across their marketing mix. In our recently published annual Shopper Experience Index, brands and retailers reported that visual user-generated content (UGC) creates a more engaging shopping experience, increases discoverability, deepens brand trust and increases conversion.In 2018, 38% of our clients reported featuring visual content from social media on product pages (up from 35% in 2017), and 43% say they plan to in the near future. Some brands, like Bumble and Macy’s, have even gone as far as featuring real people, like customers and employees, in influencer-like social media campaigns. Going forward, it is likely that brands will strike more of a balance between featuring content from real people and influencers on social media to ensure the content they are producing is authentic and resonates with consumers.Social media as a checkout counterOutside of influencer marketing, social media continues to serve as a way for brands to interact directly with shoppers and  a venue for extending the online shopping journey. According to our report, 1 in 5 consumers say it’s important or very important to be able to discover and purchase products directly from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest – a 17% increase over last year.In the last year, social media platforms have rapidly rolled out features that aim to improve the social shopping experience. Snapchat has partnered with Amazon, allowing users to scan a product or its barcode, and, if it’s available on Amazon, buy it directly in the app. Instagram recently released the beta version of its new in-app Checkout feature that allows users to buy items they see in a brand’s post without leaving the app.As e-commerce and social media continue to merge, it will be interesting to see whether more consumers begin using these platforms as viable purchase channels. Last year, only 19% of consumers that identified as heavy online shoppers said they had ever purchased from a social media platform. With nearly half of our clients saying that integrating social media and online shopping experiences will be a top priority or increased area of focus over the next 12-18 months, it appears we’re only at the tip of this lucrative iceberg for brands.Bringing social to the storefront While browsing social media content is often done from one’s phone or computer, there is an opportunity for brands and retailers to expand the influence to the real world by incorporating social components into the physical store experience. Today’s shoppers interact with brands fluidly across devices and channels, and they expect a consistent experience across their entire journey. By bringing elements of social media into brick-and-mortar, brands and retailers can bridge the gap between online and offline.Beyond just promoting hashtags and account handles, stores are becoming social media backdrops. Many businesses seek to provide an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience through thoughtfully designed and curated stores. Glossier is a perfect example; their flagship store is an Instagrammer’s playground. Some stores have taken a pop-up approach, creating temporary installations in their stores to generate buzz and interest.Late last year, ModCloth launched a two-week campaign, during which customers could be styled with their clothes and then photographed by a professional photographer. They were given both a digital and physical copy of the photo that they were able to share on social media and that was also shown on digital display walls in the store, essentially making the participants models for the brand both in-store and online.Although the retail industry is already benefiting from the ever-increasing popularity of social media, there is still much room for innovation and exploration. As retail continues to evolve into a truly omnichannel experience, the integration of social media with the shopping experience will become even more important for brands and retailers to thrive in the online marketplace. The Inseparable State of Social Media and Shopping Adri NowellMay 9, 2019, 2:30 pmMay 7, 2019 AmazonContentInfluencer marketingInstagramModClothonline shoppingSocial MediaSocial Media Campaign Previous ArticleRetailers Tap Oracle AI to Better Serve CustomersNext ArticleNew Book from MIT Sloan Reveals the Principles That Have Helped Make Digital Platforms, Including Amazon, Google, and Apple, the World’s Most Valuable Firmslast_img read more

Affinion Group Adds Travel And Loyalty Industry Veteran Thomas F OToole To

first_img Affinion GroupCustomer Loyalty strategydata analyticsMarketing TechnologyNewsThomas F. O’Toole Previous ArticleHow DOOH Analytics Are Changing the Marketing PlaybookNext ArticleBlock.one Introduces “Voice” to Bring Alignment and Transparency to Social Media Affinion Group Adds Travel And Loyalty Industry Veteran, Thomas F. O’Toole, To Its Board Of Directors PRNewswireJune 7, 2019, 1:02 pmJune 7, 2019 Affinion Group, a global leader in loyalty and customer engagement, announced the appointment of Thomas F. O’Toole to its Board of Directors.O’Toole is the Executive Director of the Program for Data Analytics at Kellogg, and Clinical Professor of Marketing, at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University.  His focus at Kellogg includes: connecting data science to business value creation, data-driven marketing, customer value management, digital business models and loyalty programs. He developed and teaches Kellogg’s MBA course on Customer Loyalty strategy. O’Toole also serves as a Senior Advisor for McKinsey and Company.“Tom is a great addition to our Board. His tremendous loyalty and travel industry experience, insights and perspective will be invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our loyalty and customer engagement business,” said Todd Siegel, CEO of Affinion Group.Marketing Technology News: CHEQ Report: Online Ad Fraud To Cost $23 Billion Globally in 2019Prior to Kellogg, O’Toole was Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President and President, MileagePlus of United Airlines, responsible for brand strategy, marketing, product development, ecommerce, digital channels, ancillary revenue, co-brand credit cards, customer data analytics, marketing systems, partnerships and other functions.  MileagePlus was, at the time, the largest travel loyalty program, and the top-rated frequent flyer program, in the world.Before United, O’Toole was Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, where he was responsible for Hyatt’s marketing, loyalty program, distribution, information technology and related functions worldwide.Marketing Technology News: IBM Debuts Self-Service AI-Powered Ad Experience to Enable Conversations Between Brands and ConsumersO’Toole currently is a director of: Alliant Energy (LNT), Extended Stay America (STAY) and LSC Communications (LKSD). He is also a director of Brand USA, the nation’s public-private partnership to market travel to the USA.“I am pleased to join the Board of Affinion Group,” said O’Toole.  “Affinion Group’s robust platform, content, delivery systems and analytics make it a leader in loyalty management and customer engagement.  The company’s business potential is compelling. I look forward to contributing to Affinion Group’s vision, strategy and growth.”Marketing Technology News: IBM Debuts Self-Service AI-Powered Ad Experience to Enable Conversations Between Brands and Consumerslast_img read more

Alibabas 618 MidYear Shopping Festival Breaks Records Across China

first_imgAlibaba’s 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival Breaks Records Across China Business WireJune 25, 2019, 9:07 pmJune 25, 2019 Product debuts, livestreaming powered marquee Tmall, Taobao first-half event Alibaba Group’s Taobao and Tmall shattered multiple records during this year’s “6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival,” sating a rising demand from consumers in less-developed cities for quality products.This 6.18 was the most-inclusive ever, with over 200,000 brands taking part. Innovative marketing campaigns and tools provided by Alibaba’s core platforms during the 18-day campaign helped more than 110 brands each generate gross merchandise volume in excess of RMB100 million.Flash sales channel, Juhuasuan, which aids brands in attracting new customers via discounts, added over 300 million new consumers. More than 180 products topped RMB10 million in sales, and 4,700 products achieved sales of over RMB1 million. It was a record-breaking number for brands’ participation in Juhuasuan.Marketing Technology News: Yext Study: 58% Of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marketers Say Their Marketing Management Strategy Needs Major ImprovementsPopular among brands of all sizes, Taobao livestreaming helped generated GMV of more than RMB13 billion.“The results of the ‘6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival’ are encouraging. It has proven to be a celebration that can match the enthusiasm and scale of the ‘11.11 Global Shopping Festival.’ More than 100 brands achieved a new sales record that surpassed the result from last year’s 11.11,” said Jiang Fan, president of Taobao and Tmall.“We are very pleased to see that our strategy to help brands penetrate the less-developed markets has paid off. Customers in the emerging cities are very receptive to innovative products and promotion campaigns such as programs on the Juhuasuan platform. The number of customers and GMV from third- to fifth-tier cities both hit 100% growth. We believe this group of customers will continue to grow into a strong and sustainable force for brands who are looking at further developing the Chinese market,” added Jiang.Less-Developed Regions: New Emerging Growth EngineWith an increase in discretionary income, consumers in China’s less-developed areas are quickly becoming a crucial driver of China’s solid consumption. These consumers were a main engine powering this year’s 6.18 Shopping Festival. According to Tmall, 48% of the newly launched products on the platform during the event were purchased by customers outside first- and second-tier cities.Demands and preferences from lower-tier city consumers were diverse, ranging from high-end electric products from Apple to imported fruits, such as durian from Malaysia, and daily necessities, including socks and toothbrushes.Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion sales more than doubled from last year, boosted by customers in emerging cities and shoppers born after 1995. Premier brands hit better-than-expected results. Sales of Versace jumped 20 times compared with last year.Sales generated from consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities on cross-border trade platform Tmall Global increased by 153% from a year before. The top five countries on Tmall Global were Japan, the U.S., South Korea, Australia and Germany.Cities outside the first- and second-tier were among top-10 growth cities in this year’s 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival. Top-tier cities continued to register strong sales. The overall top-10 cities in terms of GMV were Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Suzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing.Powered by Cainaio, Alibaba’s logistics arm, customers in 354 cities in China were able to enjoy same-day delivery during this year’s 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival.Marketing Technology News: PMG Launches Marketing Intelligence Platform — Meet AlliInnovative Marketing to Widen Touchpoints During this year’s 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival, Taobao and Tmall leveraged a suite of Alibaba technologies to help brands and merchants increase and deepen engagement with consumers across the country.Merchants from a wide variety of product categories, ranging from apparel and cosmetics, to consumer electronics and food, used Taobao livestreaming as an effective channel for consumer engagement. Compared to 2018, the number of livestreaming sessions hosted by brands increased by more than 120%. Some of the brands debuting with livestreams included Puma, Decathlon, Crocs and Casio.Alibaba’s dedicated market research arm, Tmall Innovation Center, also used data intelligence to help brands curate and develop new products that best appeal to Chinese consumers. During the shopping event, Nestle introduced a new fruit-flavor coffee, which sold 44,000 packs in two hours.This year, Taobao’s Daily Deals, a channel which allows consumers to ordered customized products straight from the manufacturers, generated over 420 million orders. With Alibaba’s proven big data and IoT technology, Daily Deals has effectively digitized and upgraded the manufacturing industry by initiating a direct manufacturer-to-consumer model.Marketing Technology News: Haoqipei Secures US $60 Million in Series D Funding to Further Accelerate Growth of its Online B2B Auto Parts Marketplace AlibabaNewsShopping FestivalTaobaoTmall Previous ArticleVisa to Acquire Rambus Payments PortfolioNext ArticleSpectrio Acquires Media Distribution Solutions, Adding On-Demand Video Production and an Online Video Marketing Platform to its Suite of Digital Marketing Serviceslast_img read more

Amperity Delivers a Truly Comprehensive 360 Customer View with NextGeneration Platform

first_imgAmperity Delivers a Truly Comprehensive 360 Customer View with Next-Generation Platform MTS Staff WriterJuly 1, 2019, 7:59 pmJuly 1, 2019 360 Customer ViewAmperitycustomer data managementMichael RelichNewsnext generation platform Previous ArticleContentsquare Acquires Clicktale to Create the Definitive Global Leader in Experience AnalyticsNext Article3 Reasons Your Programmatic Team Is Losing You Money Leading global customers including Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, Gap Inc, Planet Fitness, Moët Hennessy USA, and Wynn Las Vegas now have a better, faster, smarter way to use data to serve their customersAmperity, the leading Customer Data Management platform, announced the next iteration of its best-in-class solution to help brands connect and use data to power customer 360 initiatives across their organizations. With this new release, companies will gain a truly comprehensive and actionable customer view, helping them put customers at the center of everything they do, with the goal of understanding, engaging, and providing personalized experiences.Through AI, the Amperity platform enables brands to unlock critical customer datasets that have historically been inaccessible and impossible to manage and unify, delivering a rich Customer 360 database complete with identities, attributes, and insights. Marketers, analysts, and customer experience specialists can then leverage their Customer 360 by directly building segments and delivering them downstream, or by using Amperity to hydrate any other tool with complete customer information. Amperity provides the highest quality customer views, improving marketing performance, fueling accurate insights, and unlocking new personalized customer experiences.Marketing Technology News: CoSchedule Launches Marketing Suite to Transform the Way Marketers WorkThis new release gives platform users greater confidence in the accuracy of their data and a richer understanding of their customers. Enhancements to the new Amperity platform include a more intelligent data unification engine, increased speed and scalability, greater control within the segmentation experience, new ways to ingest and deliver data downstream, and greater transparency and insights.“We built the platform to solve the chronic and pervasive data problem plaguing brands today,” said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer of Amperity. “Companies have the building blocks for world-class customer experiences, but they fail to deliver because they lack true customer 360 views they can use across the business. To serve the customer, you can’t ignore key datasets or personalize in single channels. You need to bring together all your data — online and offline — and use it to understand and engage your customers as individuals, but effectively managing and unifying data from a variety of systems ends up being a Herculean task. We built Amperity to solve this problem in an entirely new way, leveraging AI and cloud infrastructure to turn data management on its head.”Building a Truly Comprehensive 360 Customer View  Amperity is the only platform that allows brands to build a truly complete customer profile that’s fast and easy to implement, and flexible as systems and use cases change. The platform ingests data raw in its native format, eliminating the need for data prep or transformation before entering the system, accelerating speed to value.Leveraging Amperity’s proprietary AI-powered customer data engine, “Stitch” finds the hidden connections between records that would otherwise be impossible to resolve and unifies them at the individual level. The result is comprehensive 360 customer profiles that include identities, interactions, attributes, and transactions across point-of-sale, eCommerce, email, loyalty, mobile, and more — even when the source data is inconsistent and lacks linking keys across systems.The Amperity platform also introduces a new Customer 360 visualization solution that enables users to easily see and understand the details of their customer databases. This view showcases insights such as lifetime value, product affinity, loyalty status, and health metrics on the completeness of profile attributes across systems. This gives business stakeholders a richer understanding of the data they have available to them for segmentation and delivery downstream — a critical component to effectively using that data to serve the customer.Marketing Technology News: Broadvoice Welcomes Kim McLachlan as Senior Vice President of Sales and MarketingExecuting a Customer 360 StrategyAmperity is designed for speed to value, building on existing investments and scaling for the future. The platform easily connects to any existing technology and is flexible when those systems change.The new Amperity is optimized to give marketers, analysts, and customer experience specialists an easy yet powerful way to use data to serve their customers. New features include SQL shortcuts and an improved visual editor, putting customer profiles with current and predictive insights alongside transaction and interaction data, so users can build granular and effective segments. The platform also introduces a host of new integrations with downstream tools such as Snowflake, Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Listrak, Facebook, Google Ads, as well as custom integrations with any existing systems.Jones continues, “Since we launched Amperity less than two years ago, we’ve secured some of the world’s leading consumer brands as customers including GAP Inc., Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Wynn Las Vegas, and Alaska Airlines, to name a few. We’re delivering a better, faster, and smarter Customer 360 experience for our customers so they can better serve theirs.”“We chose Amperity because the platform enables us to build a more comprehensive customer view than any other platform on the market,” said Michael Relich, COO at Lucky Brand. “This is the first step in building a holistic and actionable understanding of our customers, and the foundation for best-in-class personalization and customer experiences.”“With Amperity, Fridays is able to pull in data from point-of-sale systems, social media, credit card transactions and mobile devices, and analyze it to create personalized campaigns for the pool of more than 4 million guests who have given Fridays permission to contact them directly,” said Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer, TGI Fridays. “Amperity then helps us stitch all of that disparate data together to power our world-class customer experiences.”Marketing Technology News: Constant Contact Unveils New WooCommerce and Shopify Offerings at 2019 Internet Retailer Conferencelast_img read more

Actifio Announces Global Alliance with Tata Consultancy Services to Provide MultiCloud Copy

first_imgActifio Announces Global Alliance with Tata Consultancy Services to Provide Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management Solutions for Data-Driven Enterprises MTS Staff WriterJune 7, 2019, 3:43 pmJune 7, 2019 ActifioBusiness 4.0data management softwareMarketing Technology NewsNewsTata Consultancy ServicesVirtual Data Pipeline Previous ArticleImperva to Acquire Distil Networks, the Industry-Recognized Leader in Bot ManagementNext ArticleLive Data Is Now The Lifeblood For Telco Value Creation Successful Outcomes in Global Enterprises Promise Strong AllianceActifio, the pioneer of copy data management software, announced a global alliance with Tata Consultancy Services, a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, to offer enterprises the ability to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, reduce storage costs and meet the speed and scale requirements of today’s multi-cloud world.The combination of Actifio technology and TCS’ global expertise in delivering IT transformation promises significant benefits to customers. As data-driven organizations modernize their legacy infrastructure-oriented data management strategies and implement hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, the first imperatives are gaining control of, and ensuring near-instant access to their data. The Actifio Sky software platform was designed from an application-centric standpoint to be infrastructure-agnostic, and to enable the acceleration of DevOps and analytics, to modernize data protection and improve security, compliance and governance.Marketing Technology News: CHEQ Report: Online Ad Fraud To Cost $23 Billion Globally in 2019“Helping companies accelerate their Business 4.0 transformation is the cornerstone of TCS’ business model,” said Raman Venkatraman, Global Head, Alliances & Technology Unit, TCS. “At the foundation of this is the ability to manage, speed up and scale cloud-based data at an affordable cost. Actifio’s platform effectively achieves this vast, complex task, and we’re pleased to extend its expertise to even more global enterprises and industries.”Actifio pioneered copy data management solutions to eliminate copy data sprawl and reduce storage costs, while delivering instant access to any point-in-time copy of data, for any applications, at any location. The Actifio Sky software platform is based on Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology. VDP combines data virtualization technology, which creates a single golden copy of application-centric data used for virtualized copies, with data pipelining technology that provides data mobility, transformation and point-in-time application recovery orchestration, at any location.Marketing Technology News: Instaclustr Anomaly Detection Application Successfully Processes 19 Billion Real-Time Events Per Day Using Apache Cassandra and Apache KafkaMore than 3,600 enterprises in 38 countries rely on Actifio solutions to modernize protection, management and access to data in order to advance their strategic initiatives.Ash Ashutosh, co-founder and CEO of Actifio, said, “Data is now the essential competitive fuel for businesses across every industry. As the pioneer in copy data management software, Actifio delivers the world’s leading data-as-a-service platform to help customers leverage their data as a strategic asset. Actifio and TCS share the same commitment to delivering successful business outcomes to global enterprises and we are excited to be a global alliance partner to accelerate data-driven digital transformation initiatives in this market. This announcement formalizes what has already been a very successful partnership with a number of successful business outcomes at global enterprises in recent months. We are looking forward to rapid expansion in the opportunities to help customers with their data-driven initiatives.”Marketing Technology News: IBM Debuts Self-Service AI-Powered Ad Experience to Enable Conversations Between Brands and Consumerslast_img read more

Jio Digital Udaan Literacy Programme Launched in Partnership with Facebook

first_imgReliance Jio has launched a new digital literacy programme, aimed at first time internet users who are using the connected internet ecosystem and apps for the very first time. The programme, which will primarily focus on people using JioPhone and make use of Facebook and its ecosystem to demonstrate the advantages of connectivity and information availability.The Jio Digital Udaan programme is being launched across 200 locations in 13 states, with over 7,000 locations in India earmarked for future release. As part of the initiative, Facebook will handle the content end and its relevance to the target audience, and also provide training programmes with videos and information brochures to those who will handle the literacy initiative on behalf of Reliance Jio. Akash Ambani, director of Reliance Jio, stated in a press release, “Digital Udaan initiative is one such example, which will help eradicate barriers of information asymmetry and provide accessibility in real time. It is a program for inclusive information, education and entertainment, where no Indian will be left out of this digital drive.”The move will aim to make individuals aware of search functionalities that will help people be aware of government schemes, and learn how to access government and other financial services online. The initiative will see Jio executives engage with users across the first 200 locations on every Saturday, in order to provide a hands-on training experience.Disclaimer: News18.com is part of Network18 Media & Investment Limited which is owned by Reliance Industries Limited that also owns Reliance Jio. digital literacydigital udaanJiojio facebook partnership First Published: July 3, 2019, 6:39 PM IST | Edited by: —last_img read more

Bharat Box Office Collection Day 3 Salman KhanKatrina Kaif Film Collects Rs

first_imgBox office expectations for Bharat were huge. But not this huge. The Salman Khan-starrer, which has already broken several records, mere days after its debut, has grossed Rs 22.20 crore on Friday. The film has pulled in an estimated Rs 95.50 crore nationwide in just three days.To put that astronomical figure in perspective, Bharat recorded second highest opening day of all time. It also became Salman’s highest opener ever. Film trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted the latest box office figures: “#Bharat maintains a grip on Day 3 [Fri]… Mass circuits remain strong, while some circuits faced normal decline after #Eid festivities… Should witness an upturn on Day 4 [Sat] and 5 [Sun]… Wed 42.30 cr, Thu 31 cr, Fri 22.20 cr. Total: ₹ 95.50 cr. India biz.” (sic)#Bharat maintains a grip on Day 3 [Fri]… Mass circuits remain strong, while some circuits faced normal decline after #Eid festivities… Should witness an upturn on Day 4 [Sat] and 5 [Sun]… Wed 42.30 cr, Thu 31 cr, Fri 22.20 cr. Total: ₹ 95.50 cr. India biz.— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) June 8, 2019 Ali Abbas ZafarBharat box officebharat box office collectionBharat Box office Collection Day 3 First Published: June 8, 2019, 11:16 AM IST The Ali Abbas Zafar directorial, which earned Rs 42.30 core on its opening day, went on to rake in Rs 31 crore on the second day in India alone.Rating Bharat 2/5, News18’s film critic Rajeev Masand wrote in his review, “On a scale of Insufferable to Awesome, Bharat ranks closer to the lower end, somewhere besides Tubelight and Race 3. There’s a lot going on in this film, yet very little is particularly remarkable. Salman plays Salman once again, and if you enjoy that goofy shtick then good for you, but it’s fast getting old.”Meanwhile, Sophie Turner’s big release, X Men: Dark Phoenix, remained steady in the face of the Bhai wave. Released across 1480 screens in India, it earned Rs 3.10 crore (nett) on opening day.#XMen: #DarkPhoenix – which also had a midweek release – braves #Bharat wave… Does pretty well on #Eid holiday… Wed ₹ 3.10 cr Nett BOC [1480 screens]. India biz. Gross BOC: ₹ 3.64 cr. #XMenDarkPhoenix— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) June 6, 2019Bharat hit the screens on Eid, June 5. The film smashed the opening day records of Salman’s previous Eid releases– Sultan and Ek Tha Tiger, which earned Rs 36.54 crore and Rs 32.93 crore on Day 1, respectively.Salman Khan and #Eid… *Day 1* biz2010: #Dabangg ₹ 14.50 cr2011: #Bodyguard ₹ 21.60 cr2012: #ETT ₹ 32.93 cr2014: #Kick ₹ 26.40 cr2015: #BajrangiBhaijaan ₹ 27.25 cr2016: #Sultan ₹ 36.54 cr2017: #Tubelight ₹ 21.15 cr2018: #Race3 ₹ 29.17 cr2019: #Bharat ₹ 42.30 cr— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) June 6, 2019Moreover, Bharat has overtaken several other Bollywood releases of this year and has become the biggest opener of 2019. The film surpassed opening day collections of Kalank (Rs 21.60 crore), Kesari (21.06 crore), Gully Boy (Rs 19.40 crore) and Total Dhamaal (Rs 16.50 crore).The film, which is a Hindi remake of a South Korean movie Ode to My Father, also features Katrina Kaif, Tabu, Sunil Grover, Disha Patani, Satish Kaushik, Jackie Shroff, Sonali Kulkarni, Asif Sheikh, Nora Fatehi, Shashank Arora, Kashmira Irani, Kumud Mishra, Ayesha Raza, Meiyang Chang, Manav Vij, Mushtaq Khan and Brijendra Kala.Follow @News18Movies for morelast_img read more